LTD “ABU JORJIA” is one of the dynamic and consistently developing international logistic companies in Georgia, istablished in 2007,and operates in the transportation market for about 10 years. We provide transportation of goods by railway, car, air, sea types of transport in any directions and have an extensive exerience in cargo transportation to China. LTD “ABU JORJIA” has a professional team ready to provide a full complex of highly qualified services:

  •  We have the ability to provide fast delivery of wagons of any type, according to the schedule.
  • We monitoring system of wagons, cars, containers, so promptly can provide information about the location of each vehicle at any time of day.
  • Also, freight wagons provided by our company have priority when entering ferry crossings in the port of Alyat (Azerbaijan), which often shortens transit time and ensures that customers won’t have any problems regarding the delays of the wagons and, accordingly, the disruption of the delivery schedule.
  • We  pay special attention to the presence of the terminal and customs warehouses in the port of Poti and Batumi, which excludes delays in the release of sea containers or vehicles and wagons fines – due to this, we avoid penalties.
  • Having a preliminary dispatching containers and documentation schedule, we receive information about the arrival of containers to the port and on the basis of it we compile and provide you with a schedule for the delivery of wagons and carry out the reloading of goods directly from containers to the car during the day, which avoids double payment for loading and unloading prosedures.
  • We carry out all loading and unloading operations in Port Poti and Batumi, and possess warehouses for cargo storage

During the period of our work we achive a great success and prestige among our partners in honesty and efficiency.  Our aim is to show that coorporation with our company will allow you to optimize the costs of shipping and improve the effectiveness of your business. Transportation is about more than delivering a product to it destination. It’s about designing flexible transprtation solutions to help you increase efficiency, improve visibility and control   cost.

We are always glad to coorporate and wish all our execting and future partners to secceed in business!!!

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address: University str 24 floor 22 Tbilisi, Georgia
mail: k.abulfat@mail.ru abdulla@abujorjia.ge
tel.: +(995) 577194004, +995 557640164